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Top 6 CRA Audit Triggers To Avoid

Careful planning will help you survive a personal and/or business tax audit.

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6 great tips about what you can do to not get the attention of the CRA


Are you risking a CRA Personal or Business Tax Audit?


Use these 6 ideas to help avoid the attention of CRA.

Tips 'n Tricks

Timing is everything. Making too much money could be a bad thing. Consistency is always a good thing. Not taking a second look at your return can lead to problems. And more!

FBC Audit Protection

Get your 6 CRA Triggers to Avoid

FBC provides Audit Protection for all our clients.

Our FBC members enjoy audit protection. Should your small business get audited, we'll deal with CRA on your behalf so you don't have to.


Avoid and Reduce Audit Risk

Interested in learning more about audit in Canada? Here's a free copy of our FBC Infographic:

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